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The Education Amendments of 1972 are a landmark federal law requiring equal opportunity for both men and women in schools. Title IX of that legislation contains just 37 words, but these words have changed society—"No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” When people believe this law is being violated, our experienced Title IX lawyer can fight to protect their rights. 

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Common Title IX Violations

The issue of equality is far-reaching and involves everything from the right to be safe on campus to the right to have access to programs, to the right to be heard when a potential violation has taken place. Some of the most common reasons people seek out a Title IX attorney include the following…

Sexual Assault

A person who has been sexually assaulted has clearly been the victim of a crime, which can and should be investigated by the police. But there may also be Title IX violations involved. Universities have an obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure their campuses are safe places to be. An experienced lawyer can investigate whether appropriate security protocols were in place and if not, whether a sexual assault violates the Title IX promise of equal protection. 

Sexual Harassment & Abuse

A person does not have to be physically assaulted to be the victim of a sex crime. Sexual behavior can be directed at a student in a way that creates a toxic environment to live in. It might be repeated advances, even after a lack of interest has been expressed. It might consist of being subjected to a constant stream of inappropriate jokes, e-mails, and other gender-related behavior. 

It’s also possible that this behavior might come from a teacher or someone else in a position of authority. When this happens, the offense is considered sexual abuse. It is a violation of Title IX, and the victim can file a lawsuit to recoup damages for what they have suffered. 

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Program Access

The general public often hears the most about Title IX as it pertains to college athletics. The law requires that both men and women be given equal access to programs. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that every sport must have a male and female team. 

But the athletic programs overall must offer equal access. The same goes for any other program on campus. It must either be open to both men and women, or an equal alternative must be offered to the excluded gender. 


What happens if a student reports harassment from an instructor and soon after finds themselves subject to what appears to be retaliation. It could be anything from a hostile atmosphere in the classroom to grading that seems unfair. The victims may have a hard time understanding whether retaliation is taking place. Our experienced Title IX lawyer will help clarify what is happening and lead the way in finding concrete evidence to prove it. 

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    You’re Not Alone—Get the Legal Guidance You Need

    It can be easy for a Title IX victim to feel isolated, even if they’re on a big campus, and even if they’re surrounded by friends. What students and parents that find themselves in this situation need is a steady, reliable attorney who understands the law, procedure, and how to diligently work to build a case. That’s what we offer. 

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