Sexual Harassment

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We all have the right to be treated with dignity and respect when we go to the workplace. Sexual harassment is a direct attack on that dignity. The consequences to the victim can include emotional damage, lost relationships, and income loss. Our sexual harassment lawyer can advise clients on how to bring their case forward and what compensation can be sought. 

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What is Sexual Harassment Under Michigan Law?

Sexual harassment can be committed in one of two ways. The first way is the direct quid pro quo—where a person in authority offers benefits or makes threats to obtain sexual favors. The manager who promises a promotion in exchange for intimacy would be one example. 

An employee who is told they must perform a sexual act in order to keep their job is the victim of a quid pro quo. Whether the person in authority uses the carrot of incentives or the threat of sticks does not matter. It’s a quid pro quo and therefore considered harassment under Michigan law. There is another type of sexual harassment that is more subtle ,and it comes through repeated actions that create a hostile work environment. 

This can include advances that are unwelcome. Verbal harassment is another means of creating a hostile workplace situation. Inappropriate email strings and jokes can be considered harassment. Sweeping negative comments about someone’s gender can make the workplace an uncomfortable place to be. 

These are just a handful of examples. Broadly speaking, sexual harassment can exist wherever the toxic nature of a workplace can be traced to the gender of the victim. Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act places the onus of responsibility on businesses to ensure their employees are not sexually harassed at work. 

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How a Lawyer Can Help

It can be difficult to know when a workplace environment has risen to the level of hostility necessary to bring a lawsuit. A single inappropriate joke or comment might be corrected by having a supervisor talk with the offending person. But when does it become a pattern? That’s a more subjective judgement and our sexual harassment lawyer can draw on over a quarter-century of experience in advising how courts have generally reacted to specific situations. 

An attorney can also work with clients on developing the necessary evidence to win a harassment lawsuit. This can include collecting relevant emails and other written documentation. It may include talking to co-workers and preparing witness testimony. 

Furthermore, an experienced lawyer can be valuable in helping a victim talk with their employer about the situation before going to court. Victims have a right to speak up and not suffer retaliation, whether that be a loss of a job or increased hostility in the workplace. Legal counsel can work to protect those rights, as a fair settlement is sought. 

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    People who have been the victims of sexual harassment are often in a vulnerable position. They need to know that their attorney will have a true listening ear in hearing their story. 

    Victims also need to know they are getting candid advice on whether they have a case and how to go about proving it. A. Frazho Law Office provides both the compassion and the straightforward honesty people need. 

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