A woman who stays at home to take care of a child can encounter unexpected challenges if filing for a divorce. Support and small lifestyle adjustments may alleviate the anxiety that individuals often feel during this transition. 

These four tips may smooth over the divorce process and help individuals come out the other side prepared for a bright future. 

1. Manage finances

A divorce may require an individual to move out of a house and pay for her own housing. It can also increase transportation costs, insurance and cellphone plans. The law limits two parties in a case to the entirety of their assets and nothing more. Therefore, it is wise for stay-at-home moms to save as much money as possible and begin planning for a way to support themselves and their child as soon as determining that they need a divorce. 

2. Maintain good relations

A divorce can bring out anger, grief and disappointment. Individuals may exhibit poor behavior toward their spouse. Maintaining civility is the better approach and may impact an individual’s child positively as well as gain favor with lawyers and judges. 

3. Create a support network

In certain circumstances, a party can call for termination of parental rights or a protection order. The possibility of involving the Michigan Child Welfare Services in a case can be stressful. Individuals should seek out support such as therapy or consulting with loved ones. 

4. Come prepared

The best way for an individual to fight for a good outcome is to prepare for her divorce. This might mean completing all the necessary forms, understanding how to testify and asking questions to rectify concerns. Stay-at-home moms who approach a divorce with a calm mindset may transition to a new life more easily. 

These four tips can help women manage the hurdles of a divorce. The mental health of a mother and her child should be a top priority.